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Where Are They Now?

Shana Kittrell, MDS Graduate

Photo of MDS Student, Shana Kittrell

Shana Kittrell’s story is like many Multidisciplinary Studies students: she attended school in the past multiple times and was ready to finally finish her degree. When she found MDS, she found a comfortable, supportive environment that set her up for success. Her passion for healthcare and leadership has motivated her to continue her education and she is now pursuing a second degree from Boise State!

How did you find the MDS program?

I found the MDS program through a friend who was currently in the program. She gave my Rebecca’s email and that is where it all started for me.

Why did you choose MDS?

I chose MDS because I had gone back to school before just to leave again. The advising staff was so amazing and supportive. I loved that the program is geared towards the success of the students. I have never felt more comfortable talking about my past grades with anyone. I will forever be grateful for the support I was given through out the past two years.

How would you say that MDS is different from other degree programs?

MDS is so different from any other program at Boise State because they want each student to succeed. No student is left behind and the support staff provided to the students is excellent. They take the time to be there for each student and you are not just another number in the crowd. The professors have all been wonderful as well, classes are geared towards our success and they take the time to get to know their students.

Why is it important for you to finish what you started?

It was important to finish what I started because I am now the mother of two wonderful daughters. I wanted to show them that dreams can come true no matter what age you are and no matter how many bumps you may hit along the way.

What are your plans after you complete the MDS degree?

After graduation in May I plan on actually continuing my education. The MDS program has given me a new found confidence in my ability to go further and strive for the top. I have had many great professors through out the past two years and I have gained leadership skills that will greatly benefit my future.

Do you take courses on campus or online? If online, do you like the online program?

I take both online and on campus classes. I decided to add the Leadership Certificate to my degree and some of those classes are on campus. I love the online program! I tell so many people about the MDS program and how it makes it completing your degree attainable. I am a stay at home mom and full time student. The online classes allow me the freedom to complete my homework around my kids’ schedule.

What are you passionate about? How have you been able to incorporate your passions into your degree?

I am passionate about leadership and healthcare. I have been able to incorporate that into my degree by taking leadership and teamwork classes. I am also completing my service learning through a program called baby steps that provides health education to new mothers. I am so lucky to have found a program that incorporates all my passions into my final course.

What advice can you give to a current or future MDS student?

My best advice is to communicate with your advisor. If you need to be a part time student one semester than do it. This degree allows you to complete it at your own pace. Stick to it and they will support you to the finish line.

What was your greatest challenge during the MDS program and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge was first actually getting started. I am pretty sure I started crying in Rebecca’s office as I began my journey. My hardest semester was my second one in the program, I was pregnant with my second baby due in February so after talking with my advisor I decided to go part time and I also communicated with my professors. I made it through with support and communication from my teachers and advisors.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

People would be surprised to know that I have been in and out of college for 12 years and I will finally be graduating in May! I plan to continue my education after I walk because the MDS program has made me believe anything is possible.

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