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In addition to meeting the general Boise State degree requirements, you are required to take a minimum of 27 upper division credits toward the MDS major.  These 27 credits include MDS 300, 21 credits toward your Individual Degree Plan (IDP), and MDS 495. Both MDS 300 and MDS 495 are required courses for all MDS students. You are required to take MDS 300 your first semester and MDS 495 your final semester.  As long as you’ve met all of the general Boise State degree requirements, and you attend full-time, your BA in Multidisciplinary Studies can be completed in as few as two semesters. The exact length of time that your degree will take is dependent upon your remaining requirements and the number of courses that you want to balance with your other responsibilities outside of school.

MDS Tracks

There are two different tracks in the MDS program and the specific courses you select toward your 21 upper division credits on your IDP depend on which MDS track you are pursuing.

Flex Track

If you’ve declared the Flex track (Multidisciplinary Studies BA) you have the option of picking upper division courses out of any discipline to satisfy your IDP requirements as long you meet the prerequisites for the course and you can justify how the course meets your goals. In the Flex track, the classes you select toward your IDP could be face-to-face, evenings/weekend, online classes, or a combination of all of the above. You will work closely with your academic advisor to develop a plan that meets your goals.

Online Track

If you’ve declared the Online track (Multidisciplinary Studies BA – Online) you may select classes from the Online MDS curriculum toward your IDP requirements. These classes look at topics, such as leadership and globalization, from different points of view which make them relatable to all fields of study. Just like the Flex track, you will work closely with your academic advisor in the online track to select courses that link to your goals.

Academic Advising

Because each student has their own unique degree plan built on their specific goals, academic advising is an integral component of the MDS program. Academic advising is a partnership and an ongoing process where you and your advisor develop and track your educational plans. We encourage you to communicate with your advisor as often as necessary, and remember, they can serve as a first point of contact in directing you to the resources you need to be successful in completing your degree.

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