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Individual Degree Plan

As a student in the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) program, you have unique flexibility in designing your degree to meet your individual life and career goals. Your Individual Degree Plan (IDP) is developed in MDS 300 – Communicating Universally – and you will continue to work closely with your academic advisor to develop an academic degree plan that will help you meet your stated goals.

Creating your IDP


SMART Goals for IDP

A successful plan of study includes a thoughtful reflection on what it is you hope to achieve as a result of obtaining your Multidisciplinary Studies degree. Your IDP lists the goals you will demonstrate as a result of completing this degree, and they should be stated as SMART goals. SMART stands for:

  • Specific – Specify what you want to achieve.
  • Measurable – Measurement to determine whether you are meeting the goal.
  • Attainable– How do you know there is a reasonable chance you can attain this goal?
  • Relevant – How is this goal relevant to your interests and broader sense of life purpose?
  • Time – When do you want to achieve your goal?

IDP Goals and Justifications Explained

You must write at least five SMART goals on your IDP. Below is a description of the different kinds of goals you will write on your IDP.

  • Program Outcome Goal – In your final semester you will demonstrate your proficiency in each of the six program outcomes. Identify which of the program outcomes you need to work on the most in order to ensure you have skills in all six areas. Explain how you will develop that skill.
  • Learning Outcome Goals – What specific knowledge or skills do you want to obtain by earning your MDS degree? These can be personal or professional in nature.
  • Service Learning Goal – What can you do in the time frame between when you take MDS 300 and MDS 495 to line up a non-profit organization to complete a Service Learning organization to volunteer at during your final semester?
  • Personal Goal – Why are you completing your degree?

Below are some resources to help you develop your SMART goals:

SMART Goals Worksheet
SMART Goals Examples

IDP Course Options for Flex and Online Tracks

The specific courses you may select toward your 21 upper division credits on your IDP depend on which MDS track you are pursuing. Be sure to review the curriculum for your track before selecting your courses. Don’t forget to reach out to your academic advisor if you need additional guidance finding appropriate classes that meet your goals and fit your declared track.

Flex Track

If you’ve declared the Flex track (Multidisciplinary Studies BA) you have the option of picking upper division courses out of any discipline to satisfy your IDP requirements as long you have met the prerequisites for the course, and you can justify how the course meets your goals. In the Flex track the classes you select toward your IDP could be in-person, hybrid, or online classes.

Online Track

If you’ve declared the Online track (Multidisciplinary Studies BA – Online) you may select classes from the online MDS curriculum toward your IDP requirements. The online courses you select must be clearly linked to your stated educational goals.

Forms and Examples

You will need to download a blank MDS Goals form as well as a blank IDP form to get started on your MDS Goals and IDP. If you need help getting started please review the two different examples.

IDP Form

Blank MDS Goals Form
Blank IDP Form

MDS Goals Examples

Flex track MDS Goals Example (.doc)
Online track MDS Goals Example (.doc)

IDP Examples

Flex track IDP Example (.doc)
Online track IDP Example (.doc)


Approving Your IDP

IDP Approval Process

Your IDP is submitted to the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee who reviews and approves the plan upon the completion of MDS 300, and you will receive an email stating when your IDP has been approved.

  • Be sure to enter your approved IDP into your Planner/Degree Tracker. Degree Tracker is an online tool that helps you map out your entire academic path to graduation. If you need assistance, reach out to your academic advisor or use the Help documents found on your myBoiseState Help.
  • An approved IDP is not a guarantee of graduation. It is your responsibility to utilize your resources (such as the AAR, Degree Tracker, and undergraduate catalog) and work with your advisor to ensure you meet all of the Boise State University graduation requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

IDP Revisions

Once an IDP is approved by the Advisory Committee you are expected to follow your degree plan. However, should you need to make any changes to your plan, you may complete the two-step Degree Plan Revision process for re-approval. IDP revisions must be submitted for approval prior to taking the course or courses.

  1. Schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your goals and reasons for making a change to your approved plan.
  2. Complete the IDP Revisions Form explaining why you are making changes to your plan.

You will receive notification via email when your IDP has been re-approved.