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Reflection Paper

In MDS 300 – Communicating Universally — you develop your Individual Degree Plans (IDP) and produce a Reflection Paper and Presentation based on this experience.

The Reflection Paper is a 5-6 page professional paper written in MLA or APA format, and should focus on the following key areas:

  1. Your goals- your overall goal and learning goal which are reasonable as seen by the source support you cite.
  2. What did you learn from the interviews you conducted?
  3. What you plan to do after you graduate and how will your goals help you to achieve it?
  4. A research topic related to your goals, including at least 3 different sources, that supports your overall goals

Reflection Paper Guides

Below are two videos on networking. (You may need to create a Vault account through the Boise State Career Center first to view these videos. Click here to create your account.)
5 Tips to Build Your Network
4 Tips for Writing Networking Emails

The link below includes a list of suggested questions to use for your interviews.
Interview Questions

Use these questions as a guide to create your paper and develop your presentation.
Reflection Paper Questions
Reflection Paper Rubric

MLA and APA format

Review these links for help with MLA or APA formatting of your reflection paper. We highly recommend that you submit your paper to the Boise State Writing Center for feedback before turning in your final draft of your Reflection Paper.

MLA format
APA format
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