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The tag line Show What You Know succinctly describes the benefit of ePortfolios. ePortfolios enable you to show instructors, employers, graduate schools, and other students what you know. Creative, powerful, and flexible digital tools, they are showcases of your coursework, activities, and ideas. Most important of all, they encourage you to reflect upon your learning activities.

Why ePortolio

You will begin your ePortfolio in your first semester in the Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) program in MDS 300 and complete it in MDS 495, during your final semester. An ongoing part of your ePortfolio will be to gather and document assignments or other objects you create, which we call artifacts, to provide as evidence you have met the Multidisciplinary Studies Program Outcomes. This process helps the MDS department ensure that the established program outcomes are being satisfied.

Watch this video for information about the assessment process.


Artifacts are the academic assignments or other things you have created that demonstrate you have met the goals or outcomes of a course or the MDS program. An artifact will be a paper, a PowerPoint, a video, a work of art, etc. that you feel demonstrates your ability in the six MDS program outcomes, and will upload into your ePortfolio and submit as part of the MDS 495 course. Make sure you hold on to your assignments from all of your classes so you will have artifacts to upload to your ePortfolio.

Creating Your ePortfolio

The resources below will guide you in creating, customizing, and adding artifacts to your ePortfolio.

ePortfolio Example

We encourage you to be creative and make your ePortfolio your own. This is an example of a completed MDS ePortfolio.