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Graduation Information

Boise State Commencement Photo

Well done! You have been working hard to complete your degree by following your Individual Degree Plan (IDP) and Academic Advisement Report (AAR) and are nearing graduation. Before you can walk across the stage at Boise State’s Commencement Ceremony, you will need to take some additional steps in preparation for graduation. The information below is intended to help you apply for graduation from the Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) program.

Graduation Process

To register for MDS 495 — Capstone for the BA in Multidisciplinary Studies in your final semester, you will need to complete these additional steps:

Step 1 – Review Requirements

IDP and AAR Review

  • Review your IDP and your most current AAR to ensure that the courses you have listed on your IDP match your AAR
    • Click here for instructions on how to pull your AAR
    • Make sure the courses listed on your IDP are posted to your AAR (check to make sure the course number, course name, and the semester the credits were earned all match.)
    • Make sure you have 21 credits justified.
  • Make any necessary updates or changes to your IDP
  • Review your AAR to confirm that all requirements will be met at the end of your final semester.

Step 2 – Graduation Verification

Fill out the MDS Graduation Verification form

  • Complete the Graduation Verification Form (PDF.)
    • List the courses from your IDP on the MDS Graduation Verification Form.
    • Download the form from your browser and save the file as: “Last Name, First Name Graduation Verification.”
    • This form authorizes the Registrar to make changes to your AAR in the “Upper-division courses required by the degree plan” section and to evaluate your eligibility for graduation.

Step 3 – Permission Number

Request Permission Number for the MDS Capstone

  • You will attach your IDP, AAR, and MDS Graduation Verification Form to the request.

Step 4 – Apply for Graduation

Apply for graduation once you are registered for MDS 495

The priority deadline to complete these steps is during your registration period for the semester you intend to graduate

Fall: Before August        Spring: before January        Summer: before May

Boise State Commencement

Visit the Boise State Commencement website for information on regalia and accessories, commencement schedule, parking, and more!