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The Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) Internship provides academic credit for on-the-job experience under the guidance of a supervisor who is a professional in the field. Internships require approximately 45 hours of work for each hour of academic credit awarded. An internship experience offers students:

  • Practical, hands-on work experience
  • The opportunity to see first-hand whether a particular field is a good match
  • The chance to practice what you have learned in the classroom
  • First-hand knowledge of an organization
  • The ability to earn academic credit
  • The potential to earn money while also taking classes
  • The opportunity to network and make valuable connections for future jobs
  • Experience in resume writing and interviewing

Is an Internship Right for You?

Are you interested in maximizing your educational experience and putting yourself in a better position for future success? Do you know that over 80% of all college students graduate with an internship experience? Do you know that many organizations use their internship program as an applicant pool from which to draw on when hiring for full-time employment?

MDS students enrolled in both the Flex and Online tracks may earn up to 6-credits of internship toward their Individual Degree Plan. Contact your academic advisor to discuss whether an internship is right for your academic goals.

How to Enroll in a Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS 493) Internship

Once you’ve decided that an internship is right for your academic goals, follow these steps to get enrolled in MDS 493.

  1. Identify an internship opportunity.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the MDS Internship Coordinator, Vicki Budd.
  3. Apply online through the Career Center website. (Click on the Internship Application for Academic Credit. You will find MDS 493 listed under Department: College of COAS and Subject: Multidisciplinary Studies.)
  4. Complete the internship online orientation workshop and quiz.

Multidisciplinary Studies Internship Overview

The following documents list what is expected of you in your internship.