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MDS 300

One of two required courses, Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) 300 –Communicating Universally – is the first class you will take once you are admitted into the program.

Developing my IDP [Individual Degree Plan] made me feel in control of my education for the first time. I worked with my advisor, professor, and classmates to develop a path to graduation filled with courses that interest me and will help me while I am still in school and after. The hands-on approach is an excellent model and all college students should have this experience.MDS 300 Student

Course Description MDS 300

Introduction and analysis of learning and adult development theories, utilizing reflection and application of current life skills and intellectual competencies. Through writing and presentation, students will apply theories and readings to assess their own critical thinking skills and communication proficiencies as they relate to career and life goals.

There are three main assignments you complete throughout the semester.

  1. Individual Degree Plan (IDP)
  2. Reflection Paper
  3. ePortfolio