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MDS 495

One of two required classes, Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) 495 – Capstone for the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies – is the last course you will take in the Multidisciplinary Studies program. Enrollment in the course is by permission number only.


The service learning element, developing my ePortfolio, and interacting with my fellow students was very valuable to me. Professor Wilson was supportive all semester, making himself available for questions and quickly replying to posts and emails. The assignments and skills that I am taking away from this course are applicable for the real world. This program has set me up for success and MDS 495 was the perfect capstone to my experience!MDS 495 Student

Course Description MDS 495

Fifteen hours of service-learning, major research paper or project and presentation of results required to demonstrate critical thinking skills, communication strategies, and content expertise to analyze a problem or issue related to life and career goals. The course will provide evidence of attaining the program outcomes and educational goals of the student’s degree plan developed and approved in MDS 300. (Course requires permission number in order to enroll.)

Major assignments include:

  1. Individual Degree Plan
  2. Service-Learning
  3. ePortfolio