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Multidisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee

The Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from each academic college at Boise State University. Members of the MDS Advisory Committee provide direction for MDS on curriculum changes within their academic colleges, and serve as advocates for MDS within their academic colleges.

College of Arts and Sciences

Rick Moore
Professor/Internship Coordinator
(208) 426-3562

College of Education

AJ Zenkert
Associate Professor/Associate Chair
(208) 426-1624

College of Engineering

Lynn Olson
Advisor/Recruitment Coordinator
(208) 426-2686

Multidisciplinary Studies Graduate/Community Representative

Rick Wold
Director of Trade Spend, Idahoan Foods, LLC
(208) 850-8471

College of Business & Economics

Patrick Delana
Chair, Marketing and Finance
(208) 426-3310

College of Health Sciences

Glenda Hill
Program Director/Pre-Professional Studies
(208) 426-3832

College of Innovation and Design

Heidi Reeder
Director of Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations
(208) 426-2404

School of Public Service

Laura King
Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
(208) 426-4146

Ex Officio Members

Peter Risse
Associate Dean/Extended Studies
(208) 426-3369

Doug Bullock
Associate Dean/Associate Professor/College of Arts and Sciences
(208) 426-1414

Jon Schneider
Director/Multidisciplinary Studies/Bachelor of Applied Science
(208) 426-3703